Friday, September 23, 2005

More dishes from Hometown Sichuan

Water Cooked Beef

Here's just a couple more Sichuan dishes from Hometown (9 Smith Street, 6372-1602). The first is the "water cooked beef," which as you can see, is drowned in an excessive amount of grease and chili for a very good (if unhealthy) taste. I like it better here than in the mainland as they don't use as much peppercorn here. (I also like to save the leftover oil to douse upon leftover steamed rice the next day, but don't tell my doctor that!)

Dry Green ChiliInset here is the "dry green chili," which is also a bit of a misleading name given that the peppers are drowned in grease again. But that's pretty much what it is: stir fried chili peppers, and not much else, aside from some salty Chinese black beans for taste. It's (again) not the healthiest thing in the world (and the vitamin C in chili peppers does not count!), but it can be pretty tasty with some steamed rice. ...only in moderation!

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Preetam Rai said...

Good find this one. Been missing my Sichuan. Will head here soon.