Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some Market in Kata, Phuket

The market in Kata

Here's that market in Kata (near the Karon side) that I got that kanohm jin from. It wasn't much different than any other open market around here, complete with veggies, spices, seafood, and meat (plus of course the wet floors and flies circling overhead), but I'm always into checking out these kinds of places. It's always kind of fun to use hand signals to communicate when you don't know the local language too.

Some random bowl of noodles off the streets of KataWe later migrated further into the center of Kata and found a few streetside vendors selling som tam papaya salad as well as a lady with some of those round things that I thought she would make into that yum-nam-sod stuff I had in Bangkok once, but instead she served us a bowl of soup noodles (featuring none other than kanohm jin noodles, BTW), complete with bloodcakes and even optional chicken feet if we wanted it. It was spicy and tasty, but also a bit cold and probably not something I'll go for again.

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Penny said...

Oh, the blood cakes make me drool...