Sunday, October 29, 2006

Local Kanohm Jin Phuket - finally!

Kanohm Jin with a curry gravy and a selection of veggies

Finally after so many aborted attempts to get kanohm jin, a breakfast dish originating from Phuket, I finally found some this morning (and in a true local style; not dressed up all prettily in a Bangkok restaurant). It was actually still rather difficult to find this morning, as the first place that I went to along the roadside had already finished their supply before 10 AM. We went further down the street into Kata before a smile appeared on my face after spotting a local open market surrounded by a number of food vendors too. From there, I made my stand.

Kanohm Jin with some thin spicy tom yum-like coveringAnd at long last, I found it. This lady had a selection of two different curries, the first one looking like a standard issue gravy, but a second one that was much clearer and thinner, so I figured that I'd try something different. It was the right call: it was fiery hot and sour (almost tom yum-like), complete with veggies to go along with the kanohm jin noodles. I cleared that bowl in a couple minutes, so I also grabbed a bowl of the more traditional curry too, which wasn't bad in and of itself, but it was much milder, so my preference was for her thin spicy concoction instead.

Yes, it was a bit lukewarm having clearly sat there at (tropical) room temperature for a number of hours, and flies were swarming around, so you know that the bacteria was festering in a nice hospitable environment. I can feel a bit of rumbling down under too, so maybe I'll be paying for it on the throne in a little while, but hey - I'm also making my stomach stronger in the process. We'll definitely have to head back there in a sec to look for other goodies. Mmm...


Perestrojika Mispelled said...

" I can feel a bit of rumbling down under too, so maybe I'll be paying for it on the throne in a little while"

haha lovely expression.
ye, one of the things i wondered was how you got away with eating in so many food stalls without catching those bugs

bma said...

Fortunately, everything has been OK so far, so I think I've cleared it without much problem. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to have finally learnt the name of this dish. I had some in a night market in bang tao and found it vaguely similar to laksa kelantan.

Monkey said...

i love khanom jin!
but i didnt know it originated from phuket because i had it in the north, in chiang rai actually... and from they told me, it was a northern thing... oh well :D
the gravy does look a tad different
i think khanom jin in general refers to the type of "chinese" rice noodle