Monday, July 24, 2006

Finally Some Real Kanohm Jin

Kanohm Jin

I think I got duped into some not-so-real kanohm jin on a previous visit to Thailand, so today I had my local Thai colleagues help order me some of the real thing while we were at lunch today at Kalpapruek. Finally I realized that this was basically just spaghetti-like rice noodles that get paired with your choice of a fiery hot curry (mine had lots of mouse dropping chili peppers in there that really packed a punch). OK, that was pretty good, although I think all this talk about kanohm jin just got my hopes so high up that I was expecting something totally unique about the noodles (well, I was told that the noodles will only last one day or something, and that they use some special Thai rice, but the taste all got covered up by the curry anyway). It still tasted good, but it was more because of the curry than the noodles.

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Anonymous said...

Kanohm Jin? If my thai still serves me, it simply means "Chinese Dessert". The phrase encompasses a lot of desserts under the Chinese cuisine umbrella.