Friday, June 10, 2005

Kalpapruek at All Seasons Place, Bangkok

This place is one of my favorites in Bangkok: traditional Thai food of very good quality and in a nice and convenient location. We always order so much when we go there: beef salad (yum nua), Northern Thailand's kao soi (a bit thinner than I'd remembered, but notice the huge pieces of raw garlic for instant dragon breath - but oh so hard to resist eating), and papaya salad (som tam) - although without the pickled crab (poo) (ha ha - what a funny name considering its slimy rotting raw texture). I also got introduced to kop mu yang, which is a grilled pork neck with a tasty chili sauce with the obligatory little basket of sticky rice. Yum - I was so full after this though that I had to scream im lao ("I'm full"), or phom im in more polite terms. I still had room for a creamy banana dessert though (with an interesting salty taste in the coconut milk).

The only things missing now are some other Thai delicacies I love: kung ten (raw prawns marinated in lime juice and chili) and pla ra (a rotting fermenting salty fish paste one dips raw veggies into). I learned that pla ra is more stinky in the north, but more spicy in the south.

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