Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Couple New Bangkok Street Food Finds


I was short on time for lunch today, so I ran out onto the street to see what I could grab quickly and bring back to the office. After a quick circle through the nearby alleyways serving things I'd already seen before (like papaya salad and even some stuff that looked like economic rice), I found this one guy on the street with something that looked pretty tasty. Basically he would start by taking some deep fried (potato?) balls and mash them up. Then he'd add in the rest of the stuff, ranging from what appeared to be cooked turnip slices (kinda like the stuff that goes into kueh pie tee?) as well as the chili pepper flakes, scallions, ginger, sugar, peanuts, lime juice, fish sauce, etc.

Making yum-nam-sodWhat resulted in the end was something called yum-nam-sod, which kicked ass. It was spicy yet full of a variety of flavors and textures, including an occasionally refreshing bite of ginger to cleanse the palate for more (he also bundled in a bunch of the industry standard basil, cabbage, and some sort of huge green leaves on the side that helped toward that end too). This was awesome, and it was only 20 Baht (US$0.50). That was another excellent piece of street food that was incredibly tasty yet amazingly cheap.

Kuay-teow-lui-suanSeparately, my colleagues had brought back something called kuay-teow-lui-suan, which resembled those Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls, but used minced meat instead, as well as a couple varieties of hot sauce (I discarded that sweet one, but the green one packed quite a bit of kick). I still liked the freshness of the Vietnamese version better, but this was still another one for kick-ass street food.

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