Friday, October 20, 2006

Salt Beef Sandwich at Windows on Club Street

Salt Beef Sandwich

Here's the salt beef sandwich from Windows on Club Street that I wanted to come back for. It was only after I ordered it did I realize that "salt beef" is just the British way of referring to American corned beef. And a rather boring corned beef this was: while tender, it lacked flavor and punch (not quite living up to its name, eh?). And no, there was no mustard to help provide any contrast either. I think I liked the side of cole slaw better than the sandwich itself.

I think that will just about do it for me for this place. While neither of these meals was horrendous, the taste is just too bland for me here. More importantly, these guys take far too long to make a simple sandwich that it will never be a quick lunch. I'm still a bit curious about the hot dogs, but I won't be super motivated to come back here just for those.

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LiquidShaDow said...

I was thinking of giving this a try after reading about the ox tongue sandwich from your previous entry. So I guess that's it for salt beef. There isn't really any else much to make me head down there.