Friday, October 13, 2006

Ox Tongue Sandwich at Windows on Club Street

Ox Tongue Sandwich on ciabatta

Windows on Club Street is a long name for a place (1 Club Street, 6323-7561) that I probably would have just walked right on past, had it not been for a sign on their walkway that boasted about an ox tongue sandwich. Even though there were other interesting menu items like some salt beef sandwich and quite an impressive-looking dedication to hot dogs, I went straight in for the ox tongue.

After waiting quite a while for this, it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I was hoping for something similar to the bacon-like flame-grilled tongue of Korean and Japanese cuisine. Instead, this appeared to be boiled or sauteed or something (I guess this is the Kosher way of doing it instead?). And while that made the tongue much more tender than I thought, it didn't quite have the taste that I wanted either. Indeed, I grew tired of it pretty quickly (seeing some bumpy bovine tastebuds or something on the outside surface of the tongue was a bit disturbing for a minute too). I can't help but wonder what this would have been like had it been grilled instead.

Well, I do want to come back to try that salt beef sandwich as well as the hot dogs. In fact, this place even offered a churrasco that I wouldn't mind giving a shot (obviously this is a bit of a carnivore's place, although they did have some pasta on the menu). Sitting around for churrasco wouldn't be a quick lunch though.


回春 said...

I don't recommend the churrasco for lunch. If you do go, avoid the beef and lamb skewers. The beef and lamb I had was quite crap.

On the plus side, the sausage, chicken and ham were quite well done. But I don't think the ham is available during lunch.

Not many good options for beef in Singapore alas.

medugorje said...

healthy food!?!

ruy said...

can't imagine eating somebody else's tongue.