Saturday, October 14, 2006

Caffe Beviamo at Tanglin Mall

Ham Sandwich

I'd seen this place a million times before in the open area (#02-K1) of Tanglin Mall (with another location at Paragon above the Projectshop Cafe) but it was usually too crowded on weekends to get a table. We waited a few minutes today too, but fortunately a spot opened up quickly. The menu was rather simple, not offering much aside from toast, sandwiches, sides, and a few other things like pasta. And while a neighboring table's scrambled eggs and toast looked appetizing, there was sadly no bacon to be found on the menu. As such, I moved over to the next best pork product: a ham sandwich.

And no, it wasn't my intention to get a ciabatta-based sandwich two days in a row, but these guys only had that or wheat ("brown") bread, so it was a pretty obvious choice for me. Anyway, this thing came out scorching hot from the toaster, and was filled with ham, onions, spinach, tomatoes, and melted cheese. It all came together well, with the added bonus of telling your conscience that you ate a lighter and healthier meal. Was it good enough that I'll get cravings for this? No, I'd rather go for a grimey grease bomb. But I'll come back and get this again with little resistance. Just watch out for the weekend crowds when families bring their kids to this place and pack it full.


Shionge said...

Looks yummy! Shall give it a go when I visit Tanglin Mall...thanks.

cher said...

try the milkshake it rocks!