Saturday, September 23, 2006

Plane Cheesy Snacks on United Express

Plane Cheesy snacks

Here's just a variation of those Plane Snacks that I got on United Express last time. These were more like Cheez-Its, and hence without the dragon breath. Much better.


shigeya said...

I ate this Cheesy snack when I flown on UnitedExpress/SkyWest yesterday. Googled and found your site.

I'm 1K too, and flying a lot, and blogging on these topics too, so I will check other entries too..

My site is unfortunately in Japanese;<

Anonymous said...

plane cheesy is my favorite snack. i had it about three years go, and have not stopped thinking about them since. they are very similar to cheese-its and goldfish, but even better because they are shaped like planes which make them crispier. does anybody know where to purchase these?