Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cinnamon Graham Plane Snacks on UA

Cinnamon Graham Plane Snacks

The flight attendant on this quick UA hop back down to LA mentioned on the overhead system that she had a choice of cheese snacks or cinnamon graham snacks today. Without being specific about what kind of "snacks" these were, I got excited thinking that perhaps SkyWest, the regional operator for United Express here, was able to break away from the United mold and finally serving something other than those Plane Snacks, perhaps in the form of those little self-contained packages of cheese and crackers that we got as a kid (with those little red plastic sticks, remember?) or something. So you can imagine my dismay when she came by and handed out none other than...more Plane Snacks! Hmph.

She didn't even offer me a choice of flavors, actually. She just threw me a bag of the Cinnamon Graham version, which would have been my second choice since I prefer salty things over sweet ones. Fortunately, I was totally wrong about this. After opening this up, I was delighted with the light cinnamon taste, and quickly cleared this bag in no time. I liked it so much that I can pretty safely say now that it is my favorite flavor of the three that I've had so far. I finally realized at the end too why this was the case: this was loaded with cinnamon sugar. I'm a sucker for cinnamon sugar, especially on cookies.

Smoke from wildfires in California

On a side note, check out all the smoke rising from wildfires in California here (those are not clouds...that is all smoke...and look at how it's blocking out the sunlight underneath). This was on approach to LAX from the north today (cue: Bad Religion).

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