Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sushi Yoshida, Devonshire Road

The deep fried bits of the aji - I was so happy that I accidentally ate the decorative okra before taking the photo

I had heard that this place (10 Devonshire Road, 6735-5014) took orders until 11:30 PM, so I stopped by to check it out after a late night in the office. Most of the food was really good, be it the maguro natto (one of the best that I've had, with deep blood red tuna, lots of fine natto, and loads of garnishings), asari butaa itame (some of the freshest little clams that I've had here), or yaki onigiri (probably one of the most carefully made ones that I'd ever seen). The aji tataki sashimi impressed too with the side of deep fried bones that were as light as potato chips (and complete with the salty greasy taste) - yum. Good call.

Maguro Natto and Aji Tataki SashimiThen came the sticker shock. Damn, this place wasn't cheap (I must have somehow overlooked the prices in the right side column of the menu - it's a good thing that I didn't order the otoro too). At first, I thought that at least these guys were so nice that they gave me a few little extra pieces of food at the end without me even asking for it: kani miso (a frozen crab-miso mix - very rich and savory) and yaki mirugai (giant geoduck clam on a skewer seared on the spot with a little blowtorch), but then I realized later that they charged me for it! (Isn't that illegal in some countries?) Granted, the food was some of the freshest that I've had (and worth it), but I wasn't quite expecting to pay so much at such a late hour. I think this place is related to Shiro though, so I guess that explains it. Well, I can't really afford to come here again, so it was good while it lasted.


Jeff said...

hmm.. don't think such a practise is legal in Singapore either...

Anonymous said...

hi there, stumbled upon your blog and loved it...truly an epicure after my own heart (stomach?)

i tried sushi yoshida when it first opened, and liked it with reservations. something didn't quite agree with me at the time, though now i'll probably visit it again and re-evaluate. i heard it was financed by the guy who owns thumper at goodwood park hotel but i could be wrong. i used to like ikukan at club street too though i haven't been there in a while and heard the food isn't quite as good as before. they do a wonderful japanese grill though.

would love to hear your thoughts on more japanese restaurants, including those in mohammed sultan which i've been meaning to check out.

bma said...

You mean places like En, the Okinawan place? I went there a long time ago, and it was pretty good, but it's just too darned crowded lately. Yoyogi down the street wasn't anything great to me though, nor was Shunjuu.

My favorites down in that area are still Aburiya and Miharu. Ichiban Tei, Ai, and Gyu-Kaku aren't as good, but are still bearable.

geoduck said...

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