Thursday, March 02, 2006

Katsu Kare from Ichiban-Tei

Katsu Kare

KorokkeHere is the katsu kare from Ichiban-Tei. It's not bad; probably on par with Tonkichi (the pork may not have been as big, but it sure was crispy and better than that one curry place near Raffles City). The korokke was pretty darned huge though. Both were done lightly and with a solid taste, although I think I've filled my quota for deep-fried food today.


theguywhowaslookingforcajunfood said...

Is that "Curry House" that you're referring to?

I thought the "Chef's speciality" curries were quite good actually (Esp. the mushroom "set" currys)

bma said...

No, it looks like it was Curry Favor at the Stamford House. It's been a while since I'd been there, but I recall going there a couple times and having the same reaction: that Japanese curry wasn't supposed to be that spicy, and that it was probably done that way to appeal to local palates.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

there's a stall @ Golden Shoe Carpark Foodcourt (Raffles Place) that is newly open, on the 2nd floor

The Tonkatsu set ($5.50) is as close as you can get for good, non-restaurant premium pork cutlet. I was pleasantly surprised at how thick and juicy the meat was.

theguywhowaslookingforcajunfood said...

Ahh yes, "Curry Favor" it was.

I believe you could have ordered both traditional and "spicy" variants (Though you're absolutely right that Japanese curry isn't supposed to be spicy... more stew-like, but def. not spicy)

It's been some time since I was last there, but the non-spicy "chef's speciality" set (something like, only 50 orders a day?) did leave a good impression as being pretty ok.

Anonymous said...

I was just at Curry Favour on Saturday, my first time after a long time.

Anyway, I didn't know Ichiban Tei has good katsu curry! My colleagues rave about Curry Favour and the friend I'd brought this time seemed to like it and ate healthy amounts. The pork seemed a tad dry to me at parts.

I go to Ichiban Tei for the tonkatsu ramen :D. Finish off with their green tea or sesame seed ice cream.

Cindy said...

That was me above btw, enjoy your site and the pictures.

Bongo said...

We went to Ichiban-Tei per this quasi-recommendation and have to say that "not bad" would be a grossly inflated assessment of the katsu kare tonight. The cutlet resembled cardboard more than pork, and the curry was thin and uninspiring.

Also, my wife's una tama rice dish was fishy.

A past ramen meal there was a big disappointment, too.

If you want a good katsu kare, I can recommend Bon Goût, right around the corner at Quayside, next to Epicurious. It looks like (and is) a Japanese bookstore-cum-cafe, and their signature Bon Goût beef curry with cutlet is a treat.