Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Paddy Fields "Authentic Thai"

Tom Yum Sriklong Moo

This place (368 Alexandra Road, 6472-3833) wasn't anything great, so I'm not going to write much. The only thing interesting that stuck out to me was the Tom Yum Sriklong Moo, or as they explained it, "Tom Yum Bak Kut Teh." The only similarity to bak kut teh was the pork rib inside (which incidentally was really tender), but by and large it was kind of a drag. The broth was spicy but thick. And strangely, the normal tom yum soup that we got separately was too bland to get excited about. The other dishes that we got from the "Executive Tasting Menus" were also a mixed bag; while I liked the beef salad, some of the other dishes were a bit of a bore.

The ambiance wasn't bad, with a nice lemongrass scent greeting you when you enter. But I don't think I plan to come back.

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