Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Magic Wok Restaurant

Pandan Leaf Chicken and Tom Yum Soup

This place (6542-0422) bills itself as Thai-Chinese Cuisine (and it's Halal at that), and has locations near MRT stations, like Novena, City Hall, Pasir Ris, and Hougang. I went to the City Hall location a very long time ago, and remembered it being exactly that: Thai food with a bit of a Chinese influence, and hence nothing that I would come back for, although they did have a nice and greasy pandan leaf chicken. We were nearby one of the other locations today, and thus stopped by out of convenience.

Unfortunately, it still wasn't anything to cheer about. While the pandan leaf chicken was still just as tasty and greasy as I remembered it, the others were also just as boring as I remembered them. The shrimp in the tom yum soup weren't the freshest, and some sizzling hot black metal platter (with egg on the bottom - apparently part of the Chinese influence) came out with such a ketchupy sweet sauce on top (with onions sliced very crudely) that it could have passed for American-Chinese takeout (a la sweet and sour chicken). Oh well.

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