Monday, March 20, 2006

Fosters, An English Rose Cafe

Sliced Mushroom Soup

I had seen this place (277 Holland Avenue, 6466-8939) a million times before but had never gone inside. Tonight, I was craving fish & chips, so I figured I could try this place out (what the heck is an "English Rose Cafe" though??). It started out well. The sliced mushroom soup was one of the better ones that I've had: rich, savory, and with thinly sliced mushrooms floating inside. Nice work.

Fish and Chips

Then came the fish & chips, which were piping hot and fresh, complete with a good tartar sauce and malt vinegar (not a spray bottle). The fries (chips) were so thick that they were a bit tiring though (I felt a bit sick after eating them all). Well, by and large, I was still impressed, even if I've had better.

So while the fish & chips were OK, my cravings will be for the mushroom soup. I'll also be coming back to try out the roast beef next time. They had a grungy-sounding singer at the restaurant, whom I surprisingly didn't mind too much while eating. It's too bad that they didn't have any English ales on tap though (the closest thing was Kilkenny).


May said...

This place is actually very famous for its scones. You must try it sometime! ;)

Cavalock said...

Dunnno if they still have it...they had this thick juicy steak that's sliced and stuffed with oysters in the middle! That was great!

lol said...

They still have the steak with oysters. I think its called carpetbag steak.
Yeah, the scones ROCK. I just had it today...haha...

onekell said...

Roma's Deli at Shaw Towers has a nice mushroom soup too.