Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Amici Bar & Restaurant

Spaghetti alla Sicilliana

Cool. I had been to Amici in Holland Village a while back but didn't remember much about it, seeing that the food wasn't that memorable. But the other day I stumbled upon a new Amici on 24 Tanjong Pagar Road (6557-2090) featuring what seemed to be a different menu, as well as S$8 (US$4.70) lunch specials. I decided to come check it out.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

The food wasn't as arousing as Cantina's, but at only S$8, who cares? It was acceptable enough to come back for (straightforwardly clean sauces and ingredients with pasta cooked just right), and the service was good for a quick lunch, all the while being in a nice air-conditioned environment.

I found out that they got a new chef (which explains why the menu is different) and moved out to this place, which has been open for five months now. The place was pretty deserted though (maybe that's why the service was so speedy?), even at 12:30 PM, so it's obvious that this place is suffering from lack of awareness. It could sure use the attention of the nearby office lunch crowd.

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