Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vientai Kitchen

Pho Bo

We stopped by here just after catching a movie at Great World City to get a quick bite, but there really isn't much to say here. The pho wasn't horrible, but the broth was heavier in taste than I prefer. I'd rather hit Pho Hoa instead. It looks like this place is related to Pho 31 out on Killiney Road, except this place also has a Thai menu (and it looks like there are several locations across the island). Either way, it's not someplace that I'll go out of my way for.

Cherry GarciaOn a brighter note though, it looks like Ben & Jerry's has opened several locations across Singapore (yay!). This one was located just one floor beneath Vientai at Great World City.


ady said...

Well, where else is Ben & Jerry's opened in S'pore other than the zoo and Great World?

bma said...

She rattled off four locations, but I don't remember where the others were. I think Sentosa was another one.

Anonymous said...

There's also one in Suntec