Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Han Fung Korean BBQ Restaurant


This place (16 Cheong Chin Nam Road, 6465-7806) across from Bukit Timah Shopping Centre caught my eye when its menu posted on the outside featured not only kalbi, but also "LA Kalbi," which is marinated instead (yang nyum kalbi). I assumed that they meant Los Angeles style versus a supposedly more "naked" kind that you get in Korea. Well, my favorite place in LA served naked kalbi as well, but I seem to remember other places in LA marinating theirs, and the taste provided in this shop's kalbi only reminded me further of what that used to taste like. In other words, it was pretty good here.

LA Kalbi

I was a bit disappointed, however, to see that they were grilling the meat themselves rather than letting us do it, but fortunately, they grilled it exactly the way I like it: slightly burnt on the edges for extra flavor. The extra fat on the meat certainly helped propel this too, and it all went well when combined with the usual fresh garlic, chili paste (duen jang?), and lettuce. The kimchi had a little more kick to it than other places that I've been to in Singapore, which is my preference too.

By and large, I was pretty happy with this place, and I'd say that this is my favorite Korean place in Singapore so far. My only wish is that the portions were bigger (as you can see in the photo, the kalbi portion was so small that I had to fill up with kimchi and rice even though I was still craving more kalbi).

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kiaralana said...

I've been there, I requested to BBQ the meat myself.

It wasn't fantastic for me though, perhaps my expectations were too high since i've tried and come to love the one place that i ate bbq in korea.

I've also tried the one that is opposite Haw Par Villa.. Very big bright place. Pricey, but not bad.

And I heard that somewhere at telok ayer, there's this Manna place I thinkkkk. Thats good too.

Have yet to try yet though. Might get lost there. :(