Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee

I think all that talk about Japanese croquettes subliminally put Old Chang Kee in my head. Old Chang Kee is a chain in Singapore serving nothing but deep-fried snacks, like egg rolls (spring rolls as they are called here), curry puffs (a Chinese samosa of sorts), and all kinds of things (Chinese, anyway; no Scottish deep-fried Mars bars or frozen pizza here!). I try to avoid this place as much as I can as it's obviously not very healthy, and the food is often served lukewarm. But once in a while I will hit it up for an as-needed nibble to keep me going (the spring rolls are actually decently good, and for only S$0.90 or US$0.50).

The scary thing is that these guys actually deliver, but I don't think they have any full-blown meals; just these greasy deep fried snacks. I'd hate to imagine the artery-clogging that is happening on the receiving end of those deliveries.


Anonymous said...

You should try Far East Plaza.. just in the midst of orchard road. THere's this shop at basement which does sell deep fried mars bars with ice cream.. :]

bma said...

Do you mean these guys?

immotus said...

Aw. Guess you've never been on the receiving end of these unwholesome yummies urself?

We just had ourselves an Old Chang Kee Pantry Party the other evening in the office, since most of us had had to work late that day and needed some oil (literally) for our engines to keep us going. So we called for Old Chang Kee's delivery service and...

What a blast! Just abt SGD70 worth of springrolls, sesame balls, fish sticks, squid sticks, bring em all on! And frankly, a stick and a puff or 2 is enough to last you thru the midnight toil.

Pls pls try the deepfried squid'heads' and the new blackpepper chicken puffs (instead of the traditional curried ones).

Plus, their yam / pineapple pies beat Mc's apple pies hands-down for sure. Can't say the same for the gooey corn pies tho.