Monday, December 05, 2022

The (Newer?) Truffle Shoyu Soba from Tsuta

Truffle Shoyu Soba

It took me a while to realize this, but Tsuta has two different types of shoyu ramen: the original truffle shoyu soba, and the (unlabeled) truffle shoyu soba. The former features leeks and pureed truffle, while the latter features spring onions, fig compote, and a balsamic truffle sauce. I always order the original, so tonight I wanted to try the (presumably) newer or more modern rendition above.

It is a bit difficult to make out in the photo since those two splotches on the chashu blur into the brown color of the broth, but the fig compote made it a little sweet, while the balsamic vinegar made it a little tangy. I get the thinking behind it, but I definitely prefer the more savory original instead. Actually, it looks like his shio has been changed too, so I'll get that next time.

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