Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Sei Ngan Zai from the Malaysia Boleh! Folks

Signature Noodle

The Malaysia Boleh folks now have a brand of wanton noodle stalls called Sei Ngan Zai, the signage of which prominently features a "Super Spicy" label on their signature noodles. Naturally, I was quite excited to try it as a result, hoping that the chili would be nice and potent.

But when I first tried it a couple of months ago, it was not spicy at all, making me suspect that maybe they messed up my order. I thus went back again tonight, telling them twice that I wanted it spicy to be sure. But it still wasn't spicy. Or at least, it definitely wasn't "super spicy" nor even moderately spicy. At best, it was mildly spicy.

The staff told me that I could always add more chili if I wanted to, but neither of the two varieties of chili that they had available were spicy either. Even if the noodles and meat were half-decent on their own, I don't really want to go back given how cheated I felt.

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