Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Nalan Restaurant in Singapore

Podi Idly

I must've passed by these guys with their distinct blue logo a million times when they were at the old Funan, as well as their new location at Capitol Singapore (13 Stamford Road #B2-54, 6336-6406). But it was only tonight that I sat down to eat.

It was a "purely vegetarian" South Indian menu, so I grabbed their podi idly, which the menu said came with 11 pieces. I had to check twice to make sure that I didn't misread it before I realized that they were little pieces rather than full-sized ones.

I wolfed these down pretty easily with all of their spices and chutney, but they definitely weren't as pillowy as the big ones from Murugan, nor were they as rich as Murugan's ghee-coated ones either. The porcelainware and utensils here meant that prices were slightly higher too.

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