Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Nian Nian You Yu at Maxwell Food Centre

Steamed Pomfret

I wish that this type of stall were more commonplace. These guys (1 Kadayanallur Street #01-78) serve single portions of steamed fish at a bargain price of just S$6 (US$4.30) inclusive of rice and soup. Granted, that price doesn't get you a big portion, nor anything that was swimming minutes prior. But it was delightfully light and savory, and I gobbled it all up in seconds while chasing it down with the thin brown sauce underneath.

Actually, I guess there are places like Zhenghaochi at food courts, or even Teochew porridge places. But these guys are seafood-focused. In fact, they had steamed tiger prawns on the list of specials tonight too: they sat on a small bed of vermicelli with clams, and the prawns were thoughtfully peeled right in the center of the tail, making them easy to eat with utensils. I really wish more places would just keep it simple like them.


(^-_-^) said...

It's great. Opened by a 2 young guys who used to work in fine dining.

ClearTear said...

i agree, simple and delicious