Thursday, July 08, 2021

Belly Lucky Noodle (Zhaocaimian) at Hong Lim Food Centre

Handmade Sarawak Kolo Mee

After that duck leg at Eddy's, I still had room in my tummy for a little more. So I grabbed this bowl of handmade Sarawak kolo mee, drawn in by this stall's warnings that their homemade chili sauce was "super hot" and "should be used responsibly" (531A Upper Cross Street #02-25). Yes, it was spicy, but the rest of the bowl was also very sweet. That means that I probably won't get it again, even if I liked the quality of the ingredients used; they even let you choose between lean or fatty char siew!

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vigilo said...

When this is over, do come over to Sarawak and try some real Sarawak kolo mee and kampua, and of course, Sarawak laksa. I'll be happy to host