Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Syohachi Wagyu Hamburg at One Raffles Place, Singapore

Syohachi Japanese A5 Wagyu Hamburg Steak Set

A cheap A5 wagyu place from Hong Kong has been getting some attention lately, and I finally made my way there today (1 Raffles Place #01-01, 6223-0775). It's been getting so much hype that it was a bit of a buzzkill to see what finally came out: a sad-looking patty sitting by itself in a gigantic box. That salad and rice didn't look very encouraging either.

Fortunately, the beef was nice and fatty, and they grilled the outside to a slight crisp, which kept it fun. The cheese and beef toastie sandwiches were better than I thought they would be too. Next time I'll just order multiple a la carte items rather than messing with the sets.

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