Monday, July 27, 2020

Fifth Season's Kolkata Beckons in Little India, Singapore

Kolkata Fish Fry and Macher Paturi

The folks at Fifth Season opened up a Bengali restaurant down the street (52 Race Course Road, 6291-5244), and I ordered some for delivery today. I stuck with one of the few Bengali dishes that I knew: those banana leaf-wrapped macher paturi chunks of fish at the bottom. They were moist, delicate, and coated with lots of punchy (indeed, almost bitter) mustard and spices inside.

That thing in the upper right corner was also fish, but coated with a green chili pepper and coriander paste before being deep fried and served with - you guessed it - another strong (but tangy this time) mustard. I liked it, but it probably would've been even better had I eaten it on-site while it was still hot from the fryer.

Off-camera was a serving of begun bhaja, or eggplant fried in mustard oil, as well as some greasy luchi flatbread. It was all delicious enough to eat quickly, but that was also a function of the disappointingly small portions. In that sense, I'd rather go to Mustard instead, even if it's been so long since I was last there that I can hardly make a valid comparison.

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