Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tampopo Has Tai Shio Soba Toka From Japan

Tai Shio Soba Toka

Tampopo has a big sign out in front of its store about some kind of "Original Tai Fish Ramen from Tokyo" promotion that it ran last month. Well, it turned out that not only was it still available today (one week after it was supposed to conclude), but also it was from a shop called Toka, which has apparently garnered all sorts of awards and long lines back in Japan.

It was a snapper-based broth, but without any pieces of fish. I don't really remember Teppei's version enough to make a comparison, but this one was refreshing, especially when interspersed with an occasional sliver of yuzu. One of my friends in Tokyo mentioned some other snapper-based ramen place that has been all of the rage up there lately BTW. I haven't tried it myself, but apparently they put bacon in the bowl.

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