Friday, July 06, 2018

Osaka's Chao Chao Gyoza in Singapore

Choice Set

Yep, I've been going to Royal Square Novena quite a bit lately, as there have been a surprising number of places there that I've wanted to eat at. Tonight's selection was Chao Chao Gyoza, a chain from Osaka with a surprisingly long menu of reasonably priced food and drinks (103 Irrawaddy Road #01-05, 6352-0200). I went for this "profitable" S$15 (US$11) set featuring a half order of their namesake gyoza, three additional gyoza of another flavor (it's like a gyoza stadium; I went for yuzu pepper), plus a beer and side of cabbage. The gyoza were small, stuck together, and not that filling, but I had enough fun that I want to come back to try their other flavors.

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