Friday, July 27, 2018

My Guilty Pleasure: Alati Chuanr and Cheerday Beer

Chuanr and Qiandaohu Beer

I've been going to Alati a lot lately, and this is now my go-to order: a dozen chicken chuanr for S$17 (US$12.50), paired with a cold can of Chinese Cheerday Beer that I grab from the 7-Eleven at Velocity for just S$4.30 ($3.15). Yum. I haven't been in the mood to order that fatty lamb again, in part since the chicken here is just so darned tender and tasty as it is.

Epilogue: I recently grabbed some lamb and it was lousy, with lots of unchewable gristle in there. I'm sticking to that impressively moist chicken from now on.

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