Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Japan Mobile Foods by Don Don Donki, Singapore


The new Don Don Donki at 100 AM Mall (100 Tras Street, 6249-8811) opened up a "Japan Mobile Foods" extension selling not just their signature sweet potatoes, but also snacks like ice cream, grilled items (corn, scallops, etc.), and takosen, which were takoyaki shoved into some senbei crackers and dressed with sauce, mayo, seaweed, and little fried tenkasu bits.

One could almost describe it as a sandwich, except that it was hard to eat as a sandwich unless you somehow figured out a way to smash the takoyaki into a flatter shape without making the senbei crumble apart. As for me, I ended up keeping the original shapes but just deconstructing the thing, eating each piece individually. It wasn't bad, but would've been better had the takoyaki not been stone cold.

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