Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Germany's Hans im Glück in Singapore

Klassik Burger mit Geleit

When this birch-lined burger place from Munich opened in Singapore late last year, I wasn't really interested. Yet somehow over time, I became more curious, perhaps because the prices weren't as high as I thought they would be. They've also since opened a second outlet at Republic Plaza (9 Raffles Place #01-01, 9738-5662), and there are some pretty long lines at lunch time.

I ended up liking it a lot, and not for the reasons I would've thought either. I mean, it wasn't the beef-forward taste that I normally look for in a burger, and they unexpectedly cooked the patty to a nearly well-done state too. But the burger with its soft bun and condiments came together in a well-balanced and delicate manner. It was oddly refreshing to eat, and happily inhaled it in seconds.

It's too bad then that that their thick and barely-fried fries were a total bore, and those sauces that they seemed so proud about were likewise something that I won't bother with again either. But the salads were good, and I was surprised by how much emphasis they put on drinks here too. I've liked it enough that I've been here a few times already.

Epilogue: I realized many weeks later that they use wasabi powder in their sauce. That explain why this "came together" in such a refreshing manner, as it's the same reason why I like roast beef sandwiches with horseradish.

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