Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chez Georges in Paris, France

Sole Meunière

That probably looks a bit messy above, but it was after my waiter had filleted the sole meunière that initially came out whole. I liked how the fish was thin yet firm, and how neither the butter nor lemon dominated it. If anything, it was very delicately balanced with an occasional bit of parsley or even fatty skin to keep it exciting. One couldn't complain about the buttery mashed potatoes that came on the side either.

For €41 (US$47), this wasn't cheap, nor was it very filling, even after devouring that basket of bread. But I still left this place (273 Boulevard Pereire, 01-45-74-31-00) stuffed thanks to a baba al rhum dessert, which was a big piece of cake soaked in syrup and rum. And when I say soaked in rum, I mean sitting in a small puddle of the stuff, especially since they gave you a bottle to drizzle more over it if you wanted it. Nice.

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