Friday, May 25, 2018

Kailis Fish Market Cafe in Fremantle, Australia

Chili Mussels

OK, so those mussels from Rockpool last night were not the local Perth chili mussels that I was looking for. Instead, these were. They were from a waterfront shop out in Fremantle that looked worryingly touristy (48 Mews Road, 08-9335-7755).

Fortunately, everything was wonderfully fresh, including some rather briny oysters, some nicely grilled lobster, and some delightfully tender fish. The mussels were fresh too, but it took some getting used to the heavy tomato taste (think: a marinara sauce that one usually associates with pasta instead). In that sense, I'll pass on the mussels next time, but will be happy go for the fish and chips again.

BTW, they amusingly had fish and chips as a gelato flavor here. It didn't really taste like fish and chips; it was just fried batter mixed into the gelato. And oddly, it tasted more like a banana flavor to me. It was fine, but would've been more interesting if they at least had a more pronounced sea salt taste in there.

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