Thursday, March 08, 2018

Sushi Shiki Hanamaru at Hokkaido Marche, Singapore

Sujiko marinated in soy sauce

The sushi shop at Hokkaido Marche has finally opened (181 Orchard Road #B2, 6634-0211). From a town called Nemuro, it's largely a conveyor belt chain. But here you order on a piece of paper from a rather wordy menu. I went for some of the more unique items, like those marinated salmon eggs above, as well as a number of items from Hokkaido. They were all of proper quality and priced similarly with Tomi and Ikeikemaru (before the latter went down the tubes at least). Still, that also means that it isn't affordable enough to be an everyday thing for me, so I won't be coming back here very often. But I am kinda curious about their tempura.

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