Friday, March 23, 2018

Steamov (Shishanglao) on New Bridge Road, Singapore


Here's another conveyor belt hot pot place (325 New Bridge Road, 8858-0543). But instead of being all you can eat, they've portioned everything out onto skewers at S$1 (US$0.75) each, and that's on top of the S$5 (US$3.80) pot of soup and a S$10 (US$7.60) plate of sliced meat.

My pickled veggie broth was fine, but it's not like one can expect high quality at a place like this. The condiment selection was rather limited and everything was still short of Shi Li Fang, whose prices aren't that much more expensive than this place. But it was marginally edible.

Actually, the prices added up so quickly that it might have been cheaper to eat at Lajiangshan. In that sense, it wasn't worth it, so I don't think I'll be coming back. Then again, they are open until 4 AM, so who knows, I may end up eating my words after a few drinks one evening.

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