Thursday, March 01, 2018

Returning to Bar Cañete in Barcelona, Spain

Artichoke Omelette

I love this place. That artichoke omelette above of course was good, but even more impressive was the quality of the seafood, particularly a set of red prawns whose headfat was some of the richest, sweetest, bisque-like substance ever (yes, even more than the ones at Cerveseria Catalana...I'm not sure if the sweetness of the prawns out here are a function of the water or species?). Other highlights included some very sweet scallops, light and crispy croquettes, baby squid with beans (think: savory black ink!), and a cube of fatty pork topped with sea urchin. Note to self: there is actually a small shelf lining the wall that one can stand at and order food even if the counter seats are all taken.

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