Friday, December 22, 2017

Lajiangshan Hotpot at Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore

Chuantong Niuyou Guo

This place (35 Selegie Road #01-06, 6265-8995) has a big sign out front that says "Conveyor Belt Hotpot." It wasn't completely like Vietnam's Kichi-Kichi though, as the rotating items were communal rather than portioned out into individual servings. They offered three spicy broths; I had no idea what the difference was, so I went for the traditional spicy beef butter soup, which was much more potent than Shi Li Fang. Granted, the oil started to build up on me after a while, but the quality of the ingredients was decent enough to make me happy. Next time, I'll try a non-spicy broth so that it's not so greasy, and I should try to come during lunchtime too when prices are more reasonable at about S$16 (US$12).

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