Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles in Taipei, Taiwan

Beef Noodles

It's not often that I'm up in this part of town, so after I finished my meeting this morning, I figured I'd look around for something to eat around here. This beef noodle shop came up (274 Bade Road Section 2, +886-2-2752-2556), and just by outside appearances alone I suspected that it was going to be good. It was a tiny hole in the wall with the kitchen facing out towards a street and yellowed-out plastic curtains trying half-successfully to keep the air conditioning inside for the ten dine-in seats. It was only 11:30 AM and already there was a line outside.

So what about the food? I was a bit concerned at first that I made the same mistake that I made over the past few days: forgetting to tell the kitchen to make it spicy. I didn't even have the chance to either, because my bowl came out in literally less than 20 seconds after I ordered it. But it turned out that that didn't matter for two reasons. First, the broth was fantastic on its own, being crisp and savory yet light, almost like a consommé. Secondly, I still had the chance to make is spicy via not just that red chili powder in front (and a decently potent one at that), but also a mysterious-looking tub of brown paste, which melted into a tasty red chili oil after scooping some into your hot broth. I went for two more scoops, perking this bowl up delightfully to go along with the tender beef and chewy udon-like noodles.

Normally I wouldn't have wanted to finish the soup, especially in such a warm climate, but there was no way I could leave such a good broth uneaten. So I finished it off and was happy as a clam. This place has become instantly become one of my favorite beef noodle places in Taipei and I'm going to have to come back next time I'm near Laoning Night Market.

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Love this place too!