Saturday, March 04, 2017

Boatella Tapas in Valencia, Spain


This was an unexpected find (34 Pla├ža del Mercat, +34-963-154-071). Similar to Tasca Angel, it was a tiny little shop overflowing with people. And I noticed that many of them were eating these tiny little clams. So I made my way up to the front and got a plate, and within minutes these little guys came out, the savoriness of which made it great for nibbling on with beer.

Fried Artichoke

I was nearly ready to head over to my lunch reservation just as I saw them with a tray of fried artichokes. There was no way that I was going to leave without trying some of that! So I squeezed in a plate; those greasy yet crisp things likewise went down well with another glass of beer. Seriously, why would anyone go for "fast food" places when one could get something so delicious, fast, and fun like this instead?

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