Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Coconut Club on Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

Nasi Lemak and Otah Otah

I can't remember how I had heard about this place, but if I recall correctly, the thing that got me curious was something about them using hand-squeezed coconut milk from Malaysia in order to make their nasi lemak. So I came down here for lunch today (6 Ann Siang Hill, 6635-2999), figuring that the rice would be full of some delightfully rich coconut flavor.

I was actually a bit disappointed that it wasn't. Sure, it was fluffy and light, but I think my expectations were just totally off. That didn't matter, however. As I progressed through the rest of the items on the plate, I started to realize how much care and respect went into the ingredients. Not only was the chicken tender and moist, but even the breading and garnishes were done delicately.

In fact, the thing that really did it for me was the ikan bilis, which were delightfully thin and lighter than air, not unlike the ones that Kin Kin uses in fact. Yes, I would be very happy to come back here again. I'm not exactly a nasi lemak expert, but I'd gladly take this any day over Madam Kwan's. The nicely done otah-otah and chendol helped bookend this meal too.

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Benedict Chen said...

You should give this a try! The rice is amazing