Friday, October 07, 2016

Bob's Kitchen Premium Lunch Cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul

DIY Kimchijeon in the Self Corner

Bob's Kitchen doesn't exactly sound like a Korean place. However, our local team wanted to get some "cheapie cheapie" lunch today at this cramped basement place (I can't read the address but the phone number is 02-5642-999) charging about 7,000 KRW (US$6.25) per person. It was a buffet with a number of troughs laid out; I stuck to largely banchan given that buffets aren't exactly my thing.

But one item that got me excited was the so-called "self corner" (that's what it said on the sign) where you could fry your own eggs and/or make your own kimchijeon by scooping the batter out of the bowl and ladling it into the pan. I made mine too thick and also messed up the flipping process, but it was still pretty fun. I might even want to try to make the stuff at home one day.

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