Friday, January 29, 2016

Lunch at Burnt Ends Bar & Grill

Grissini and Taramasalata

Somehow I never noticed this until now, but the menu at Burnt Ends is rather cryptic. Basically, he only lists the ingredients that he uses in each dish, but he doesn't tell you how he prepares them. So "venison, mint, and cranberry" may turn out to be a bit of a surprise when you realize that the venison is a tartare. Or the "beef marmalade and pickles," which is a served on toast.

Moreover, a lot of the things that he lists may require a bit of deciphering. For instance, it was only today that I learned that the dish above was composed of a grissini (read: breadstick) and taramasalata (read: fish roe spread). And a "W.A. Marron and Paprika" was an Australian crayfish, grilled on a fire, and served with a paprika-based sauce on the side. I loved it all. This place is seriously one of the best places in town.

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