Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mya Nandar at Peninsula Plaza, Singapore

Some kind of noodles and fried thing

I was near Peninsula Plaza this afternoon when I needed to fuel up for a late night of work ahead. So I figured that I might as well pop down to where all of those Burmese restaurants are and try one that I hadn't been to before. I thus landed on this one (111 North Bridge Road #B1-01, 6333-4452), right near the base of the escalators. I had no idea what to order, as it was just a spread of food in a glass case with nothing in English. But that plate of garnish caught my eye, so I asked what it was for.

And that's how I ended up with that bowl of skinny white noodles covered in a goopy sauce, along with a side of some kind of fried vegetables. It was all pretty good, especially after dumping the condiments in there (including a fishy chili sauce). It was only part of the way through that I realized how this was loaded up with garlic, which was definitely not the thing that I needed before going into a meeting later this evening. I don't think a toothbrush is going to solve the problem either. Doh!


me said...

You had mohinga! :) It's one of Myanmar's national dishes, I love it! :)


bma said...

Cool thanks!