Sunday, February 16, 2014

Black Truffle Yellowtail from Itacho Sushi

Truffle Hamachi

I needed a quick bite before getting on the plane at Changi T3 today, so I stopped at Itacho again, figuring that I could order a few a la carte pieces without getting too full. They had some special yellowtail menu with a range of toppings including yuzukosho and black truffles, the latter of which was in the foreground (one of the others without a topping was actually dotted with truffle oil). It tasted like one would imagine it would taste: clich├ęd and nothing to get overly excited about, but at least it was better than what I would have expected of a place that places tubs of powdered wasabi paste on the counter. I think I've been spoiled too much by Sasa, Mitsuya, and Mizutani.

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