Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Bar at Catalunya in Singapore

jamón ibérico and pa amb tomàquet

Tables at Catalyuna have been known to be hard to get, in part because of its unique glass-covered venue on the waterfront of the Fullerton Pavilion (82 Collyer Quay, 6534-0188), but also because it's staffed with former Santi and El Bulli folks. My trick, thus, with such high-demand situations is to hit the bar instead of trying to get seated at a table. And it worked today, as we were able to walk right in on a Sunday afternoon for a quick snack and drinks.

Granted, at such a place, things will get expensive, and the jamón ibérico here, while good, wasn't anything that I'll pay for again at S$55 (US$44)...I'd rather just go to Los Primos. But even something as simple as the pa amb tomàquet was a good illustration of the kitchen's much more discerning approach with food, with sweet ripe tomatoes and a fruity olive oil topping an airy bread that was perfectly seasoned. I recall similarly gobbling up multiple plates of tapas and wine last time I was here for a corporate event a few months ago.

Speaking of drinks and the bar, the other thing that these guys take a lot of pride in is their cocktails. And since these guys were touting some award-winning drink here called Stairway to Heaven, I figured that I might as well try it. I absolutely loved this celery/pineapple/vanilla rum-based drink with egg-white and cilantro on top, so much that I really wanted to get another if we had more time. Either way, I'll definitely be back someday for a delicious - if expensive - snack.

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