Saturday, December 01, 2012

Did United Update Economy Plus?

United Economy Plus

I didn't clear the upgrade list on this oversold long-haul back to Asia. But fortunately, Economy Plus seems to have gotten a lot better compared to the last time I took it, complete with on-demand seatback screens and even a not-so-obvious (and slightly temperamental) power outlet underneath the seats.

Granted, SQ has had this kind of stuff in their Economy Class for ages now. And United's system definitely has the weaker hand given the puzzling decisions to use touchscreen softkeys for volume control, as well as non-illuminating hard buttons that you can't see in the dark. But at least this makes Economy Plus a bit less painful.

The food seems to have gotten a bit of a change too, with new serving containers and a surprisingly moist and tender chicken above. But it was a bit *too* moist and tender to the point where it didn't seem natural, and the noodles in the "Japanese meal" that was served later were so terribly mushy that I didn't bother finishing them.

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