Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to Isetan's Hokuriku Fair

Rich Miso Ramen

Yep - we came back this morning. It was Iroha's last day in Singapore after all, so I might as well give his other bowls a try too. Normally I don't care too much for miso ramen, but this one worked for me as it wasn't overpowering. I like this guy's clean approach...if he had a permanent shop here, then I'd be there regularly.

Kani Uni Sushi

For lunch, I grabbed another little crab sushi box, but this time featuring sea urchin rather than fish eggs. The taste was more delicate than I was expecting. It all went down quickly though, and all with the added satisfaction of having eaten something so healthy.


J said...

uni is actually pretty high in cholesterol!

Nilcha said...

in Isetan food court there is this small teh tarik shop n i love it, not just the tea but also how they serve the tea with cute mug :P!