Saturday, July 17, 2010

Santi, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Ever since I found out that a Catalan restaurant was going to be opening at the new Marina Bay Sands in Singapore (10 Bayfront Avenue Level 2, 6688-8501), I've been salivating. Indeed, I even came down here on their first week of operations some time ago, hoping to casually stop by the tapas bar rather than doing anything too formal. But they were only running the dining room for the time being, so tonight we came by for a proper meal.

Fortunately, one of the three fixed-price menus available was composed of a number of small plates, thus effectively making it a bit of a tapas tasting, albeit while being seated with linens and surrounded by wait staff and a sommelier. We loved everything that they brought out, my favorite of which was a foie gras dish whose star for me wasn't the liver itself, but rather the humble chickpeas underneath - they were so delicious that I seriously couldn't stop my face from smiling after that. Other highlights included some very strong Andalucian olive oil to go with a huge range of bread, as well as a wine-cured cheese that José Andrés was showing off on one of his Made in Spain episodes just the other day.

This definitely didn't come cheap though. The menus - excluding drinks - went well into multiple century marks per person, thus relegating this only to special occassions. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing their tapas bar finally open next week. Surely it won't be cheap either, but the food quality was so good here that it may at least be partially worth the pain on the wallet. And just to clarify, locals and PRs don't need to pay the casino fee to get here - one can simply go in from the shopping mall and thus bypass the casino.

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