Thursday, April 22, 2010

TWG Tea Company, Singapore

TWG Tea Sandwiches

Whenever I passed by this place in the past, I was always rather curious. It was very upscale with its table linens and classily-dressed wait staff. The gigantic canisters of tea stacked up high on its wooden shelves were emblazoned with a classic-looking logo and a date stamp of 1837, suggesting a company with a long-standing heritage, perhaps being English in origin.

It was only after I looked it up now that I realized that this was a Singaporean company that was started just a few years ago. Positioned as a luxury goods brand where one can literally pay thousands of dollars for tea, it is now being carried by Harrod's, Dean & Deluca, and is even served in Singapore Airlines' first class cabins. Why 1837 then? It was the year that Singapore's Chamber of Commerce was created (think: tea trade), while TWG stands for The Wellness Group, a company that previously had investments in spas as well as upscale tea.

Anyway, the list of tea available here was like a huge wine list, including everything from typical English teas to a full range of Japanese, Chinese, and even African varieties (I didn't spot any fennel nor artichoke ones though). Oh - and yes, that set of vegetarian tea sandwiches pictured above hit the spot; it was exactly what I would have expected at tea time. I'd rather come here than go to Lawry's for their afternoon tea.

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